Fuel prices

The cost of diesel and energy in general has increased massively in the last three weeks.

Depending on the country, region, we have increases of currently 40-60 cents (about 25%- 30% more) per liter of diesel compared to the diesel price costs as of the end of December.

The ASTAG International diesel price index, which we mainly use, has increased from 7% to 12% in this short period from week 3 to today.

In order to maintain the supply chains, our freight partners and suppliers have to be compensated accordingly.

As a consequence, we also have to adjust the transport prices. The adjustments are made by separately charging the fuel surcharge, which is already currently charged to most of you. The diesel price indicator of ASTAG International is used as an index.

Since fuel costs are currently very volatile and change almost daily, our adjustments to the fuel surcharge will be made NEW weekly, instead of monthly as in the past.

Your customer advisors will be happy to provide you with further information