As a “known supplier of in-flight supplies”, Schneider Geneva will be taking care of the logistics for duty-free items (spirits, tobacco products, perfume, etc.) at Geneva Airport from October onwards.
Incoming goods from various French and Swiss suppliers will be coordinated several times a week. The products will be cleared through customs and further processed at Schneider’s secure, CCTV-monitored logistics complex in Satigny and deliveries will be made to the airport on a daily basis.

Since the logistical processes have to comply with the airport’s safety and security regulations, Schneider applied to the Swiss Federal Office of Aviation (FOCA) to be granted the status of “known supplier of in-flight supplies”. Successful certification provides a guarantee for the security chain from the producer right through to the airline. After all, in-flight supplies must be subjected to security checks and then kept secure until they are loaded onto the aircraft in order to prevent prohibited items from being taken on board.