Kyburz Plus

Every day, in our branch in Kloten, freight documents and other important papers are transported to the airport multiple times, resulting in valuable working time being lost in traffic congestion.

For this reason, we decided to switch to a more efficient means of transportation. Upon the recommendation of our client, KYBURZ Switzerland AG, we chose the KYBURZ PLUS II because it meets all of our requirements.

The KYBURZ PLUS II allows us to utilize the designated traffic areas for cyclists, enabling us to easily bypass the traffic congestion. Additionally, it provides excellent protection for both the driver and the sensitive cargo during rainy and snowy conditions. Another advantage is that any employee possessing a valid Category M (moped) driver’s license can operate the KYBURZ PLUS II.

Our vehicle is painted in our company colors and adorned with our company logo, giving it a unique look.

On June 14, 2023, Axel Steinweg, Gino Mazzoni, Werner Weber, and Giuseppe Boccadamo (from left to right) had the privilege of receiving the vehicle from Lothar Seiler (second from the left).

Wishing you safe and smooth journeys at all times!