With Schneider since 1983

Patric started as an apprentice at Schneider exactly 40 years ago. He has remained loyal to the company over the years and has gradually worked his way up to the position of Branch Manager Continental on Solothurnerstrasse in Basel, Switzerland.

Patric, you are celebrating your 40th anniversary at Schneider this month. Congratulations! Can you still remember your very first day at work?   

To be honest, no. But I think I started in the Import Holland department. Those were the days. Without computers, without mobile phones, but with old typewriters, printing presses and telex. 

You have spent your entire professional life at Schneider. It’s probably no exaggeration to call this a “perfect match”. What do you like so much about Schneider?

I’ve always been lucky enough to work with great people. I just like the friendly way of dealing with each other. I have always felt comfortable in the Schneider family. In addition, I always had the trust of my superiors and was challenged and encouraged.  

Is there an event or a project that you remember most from all these years?   

In so many years, you naturally collect many wonderful memories.  

My time at Zurich airport with Hans Brunner and Alfred Heer remains unforgettable. That was shortly after my apprenticeship and recruit school. We had a great time together. The moment in 2010 when the then management entrusted me with the branch management was also a great thing.   

There is also life after work. How do you like to relax in your free time?  

Playing tennis or having a fine meal and a good glass of red wine with family and friends.  

What does a perfect holiday look like for you?  

Sun, beach, good food and drink combined with sports and reading. 

Dear Patric, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions and congratulations again on 40 years of Schneider. 🎉