With Schneider since 1984

Karin Fiechter started her apprenticeship at Glob-Sped in Brunegg almost 40 years ago and worked there for many years in the export and import business Germany. In the summer of 2023, she moved within the Schneider Group to the Basel branch and joined the team in the Germany department.

This summer you dared to take a very courageous step and, after four decades in Brunegg, you are starting again in another Schneider branch. What motivated you to make this career change? 

The branch in Basel was looking for someone for the Germany department and I was asked if I would like to fill this position internally. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to apply, but the request was a stroke of luck and I’m happy to have accepted the offer because I think it’s great to be here now. It’s always great to learn something new and the commute is also much more pleasant here in Basel.    

Does your new job differ from your previous job? Do you need to retrain? 

There are no problems with the system. I still need support with the notification, collection or delivery, as this is not the same in my new job as it is in export. 

You’ve been part of the Schneider family for almost 40 years and, despite your desire for a career change, you’ve fortunately decided to come back to Schneider. What do you particularly like about the company? 

I like the company because it consists of great and very nice people. Which makes the working atmosphere very pleasant. That’s why it’s also great that I was able to switch internally. 

How do you like to relax in your free time?  

I am in a Guggenmusik (Brass music played during carnival). That’s great, because I can get away from the stress of work or the hectic pace of life in general. It’s a very good balance. 

What reading is on your bedside table?  

Books by Sandra Braun and others. What I like about books is that they are exciting, interesting and varied. You are in a different world for a while. I usually read three books at the same time, because I need variety and simply like to read.