With Schneider since 2009

For almost 15 years, Dominique Scherrer has been employed at Schneider, holding the position of Overseas Manager at the Basel location. His life mottos include, among others “There’s always sunshine after the rain!” and “If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done!”

How was your first job interview at Schneider?

Well, it was a bit unique because it didn’t follow the traditional format. Let’s just say we reached an agreement for collaboration at a neutral location.

Why should I entrust my goods to Schneider? 

If you value a sustainable partnership on an equal footing, Schneider is the right choice. Schneider provides professional and expert advice at a fair price, both in good times and in less favorable circumstances.

What are the three most important qualities for good teamwork?

Open, honest, and productive communication: Even the most bizarre or seemingly illusory idea should never be dismissed.

Respectful treatment before, during, and after work: Tough on the issue, fair to the person.

Support each other – before, during, and after work: «What goes around, comes around».

Which culinary specialty of your home country do you miss when travelling abroad?

Admittedly, it’s not a specialty in the strict sense: truly good bread isn’t easily available everywhere in the world. That’s why I often miss good bread right after landing. And perhaps Aromat (food seasoning).

What is your favorite song? 

«Last Christmas by Wham» – no, just kidding. I don’t have that ONE song; it depends on my mood. Currently, “Toscana Fanboys” by Peter Fox with Adriano Celentano is high on my list. And Jan Delay is always a good choice too.