With Schneider since 2007

After successfully completing his studies, Anthony began his professional career 17 years ago at Schneider as a forwarding agent. After some time, he transitioned to sales and has been in charge of managing the branch in Paris since this month.

What profession did you learn? 

I studied and the position at Schneider is my first professional job. So I’m purely a product of the company 😊. I applied in response to an advert on the internet and was hired. 

What incident in connection with your work remains in your memory? 

The transition from the Import/Export department on the operational side to Sales was an important step for me. I was not yet familiar with this position and had to learn everything anew. 

What do you like and dislike about your work? 

I love the contact with customers and suppliers. I like selling and being able to help customers find transport solutions. What I don’t like is the traffic in Paris. I travel by car and spend about four hours a day in traffic jams.  

Why is Paris worth a trip? 

Paris is a beautiful city with historical monuments (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, etc.) and small, typical districts such as Montmartre, Quartier Latin or Le Marais, where people are super friendly. 

Do you have a motto or wisdom for life? 

Life has its own hidden powers that you can only discover if you live. 

Which hobby/talent would you like to learn/practise in the future?  

I would like to learn yoga because yoga helps you to de-stress and be calmer and more relaxed in everyday life. 

Dear Anthony, thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions and congratulations on your promotion.