You want to develop your e-commerce activity to and from Switzerland and the United Kingdom? We manage the entire outward and return flow for you.

Our customers include both foreign and domestic online retailers. According to the official Swiss customs statistics, we are one of the market leaders in import customs clearance of online orders. Benefit from our many years of experience with the largest providers in the e-commerce business.

Are you looking for the optimal solution for your online business? We have them!


  • Pre-haulage tailor made to/from Switzerland and the United Kingdom
  • Bulky customs clearance
  • Incoterm DDP
  • Fiscal representative
  • One hand process:
    First mile - customs clearance process ex country of pre haulage & arrival in Switzerland and the United Kingdom - last mile and return
  • Choice of last mile provider, parcel, pallet and floor delivery
  • Returns processing according to your needs
  • Customs clearance process for duty-free returns
  • One IT Interface to develop for the whole process
  • Extensive market experience


Tailor made Pre haulage
  • From parcels to full trucks and pallets throughout France, England, Spain, Italy and Germany
  • Dedicated to all types of vehicles, secured or not, temperature controlled, sheeted or covered
  • Several daily groupage lines from Paris, Lyon and Sierentz
Bulky clearance /Fiscal representative
  • Opening a fiscal representative with own VAT and customs account
  • Consolidated invoice with exporter and importer
  • Valid for all kinds of goods (food, non-food, textile, sports, shoes, etc.)
DDP Incoterm
  • Your end customer pays nothing when the shipment is delivered, no unpleasant surprises await him
  • Your end customer does not realise that the order is from abroad, the shipment layout is Swiss
One hand process: first mile - customs clearance process
  • Determination of HS codes and duties
  • One-stop management of logistics and financial flows
  • From collection to the last mile via customs export France and import Switzerland
Choices of last mile provider according to your products characteristics
  • All forms of shipment possible, from letters to parcels to 2 man deliveries
  • In-depth knowledge of the last mile with a wide range of last mile providers
  • Evaluation of the service provider according to your needs and products
  • Direct injection into the distribution channel
  • Performance review
Reverse Logistics
  • Returns processing according to your needs
  • Custom refund in Switzerland and dutyfee for french customs
  • Wide range of return service providers from letters to parcels to 2 man deliveries
  • Your end customer doesn't have to pay anything, he returns his shipment to an address within his country
  • Consolidation of returns in the recipient's country
  • Frequency of return consolidated according to the needs of the e-tailer
  • Automation of the customs process: Retrocession of customs disbursements and matching of outbound declarations to exempt returned parcels from re-import duties
One IT Interface to develop for the whole
  • A single interface for customs clearance and the last mile is sufficient for both outbound and inbound flows
  • IT support during implementation